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1) to gather material which helps us to view 'Landscape' from many different perspectives (Science, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Ethics etc)
2) and secondly to record 'Landscape experiences' from our workshops (Reports) and my own experiences (Diary).
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walks with Robert Hart

Robert having a rest with sentinel

Every month we organise a walk together (dogs included)
Our first walk was in the Razes area somewhere between Mirepoix and Carcassonne.

Razes landscape during very early spring

Our next walk was around Camurac, an isolated village in the Pyrenees.

View on Camurac

Isolated valley


Dogs attack snowman!
Our next walk was high  above Foix from where you can see nearly all the Pyrenees  and to Toulouse etc the other way.
Robert, Fleur and the patch of snow

View on the Pyrenees

Fleur thirsty

Biscuit & Roly thirsty

All together another nice day.

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  1. Have read that this year is going to perform amazing landscapes in the northern part of our planet. I mean northern lights