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2) and secondly to record 'Landscape experiences' from our workshops (Reports) and my own experiences (Diary).
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Postmodernism and Anthroposophy

Recently I came to the papers presented at the Conference on "Postmodernism, Anthroposophy and Spirituality" held in Norway in 2008. see  Doors to Dialogue   or go to their website
The contributions I found extremely helpful in understanding what has been going on in people during the 20th century and now, regarding new ways of thinking, experiencing the world and different levels of consciousness etc.
My main interest is to explore how to overcome our usual dualistic (I and the world) approach and at the same time find a balance between the world as a reality and the world as our construction.
I haven't read yet all the articles as I concentrated for the moment on 1) to get acquainted with Deleuze and Derrida (there are some nice clips on you-tube)  and 2) to get acquainted with Bo Dahlin's and Marek Majorek's excellent presentations based on a sound philosophical, realistic and scientific basis.
I found some other very interesting papers written by them.
Bo Dahlin and Marek Majorek; On the path towards thinking: learning from Martin Heidegger and Rudolf Steiner
Bo Dahlin, Aksel Hugo and Edvin Ostergaard: Doing phenomenology in science education: a research review
Marek Majorek; Anthroposophy and the spiritualized understanding of the human being as basis for education

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