Landscape perceptions and experiences

The aims of this blog is
1) to gather material which helps us to view 'Landscape' from many different perspectives (Science, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Ethics etc)
2) and secondly to record 'Landscape experiences' from our workshops (Reports) and my own experiences (Diary).
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Here follows a list of books/papers/articles which have inspired me and relate more or sometimes less to the workshop or landscape.
I will add comments and links to them sometime in the future.
Also at the bottom you will find links to relevant websites.

 Marc Antrop
  •  Sustainable Landscapes; contradiction, fiction or utopia?
  • Why landscapes of the past are important for the future

Owen  Barfield
  • History in English Words
  • Saving the Appearances 
  • Speaker’s Meaning
  • History, Guilt & Habit
 Heinrich Barth
  •  'Erscheinenlassen' Ausgewahlte Texte aus H. Barths Hauptwerk "Erkenntnis der Existenz" mit   Hinfuhrungen von Rudolf Bind, Georg Maier and Hans Rudolf Schwiezer.
Arnold Berleant
  • The Aesthetic Field
  • The Aesthetics of Environment (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1992)
  • Living in the Landscape: Toward an Aesthetics of Environment (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas,1997)
  • The Aesthetics of Natural Environments. Co-edited with Allen Carlson.
  • The Aesthetics of Human Environments. Co-edited with Allen Carlson. (Peterborough: Broadview,  2006)
Jochen Bockemuhl
  • Towards phenomenology of the etheric world
  • Awakening to Landscape
  • Dialogue with Nature
  • Aspekte der Selbsterfahrung in Phanomenologischen Zugang zur Natur der Pflanzen, Gesteine, Tiere und der Landschaft”  in Phanomenologie der Natur ed Gernot Bohme edition Suhrkamp
  • Selbsterkenntnis, Welterkenntnis
 Jochen Bockemuhl. /Andreas Suchantke
  • Metamorphosis of plants
 Gernot Bohme
  • Atmosphare edition Surkamp 1995 (German)
  •  Phanomenologie der Natur (German)
Emily Brady
  • Aesthetics of the Natural Environment
  • Imagination and the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature 
Richard Bunzl
  • In Search of Thinking
    Allen Carlson (see Arnold Berleant)

    Edwin Casey 

    • The World at a Glance

    Bendetta Castiglioni
    • "Education on Landscape for Children"  presented at the 5th Council of Europe Conference on the European Convention
    Kenneth Clark
    •  Landscape into Art
    Frederik Coeterier
    • De Waarneming en Waardering van Landschappen 
    • Dominant attributes in the perception and evaluation of the Dutch
    • Landschapsbeleving 
    Dennis Cosgrove
    • The Iconography of Landscape: Essays on the Symbolic Representation, Design and Use of Past Environments. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    • Prospect, perspective and the evolution of the landscape idea
    FJ. Dewey
    • Art as Experience
    M. Drabble
    • A Writer's Britain
    Stephen Edelglass
    • Marriage of Sense-Perception and Thought

    Th. van Elsen
    • "Values of rural landscapes in Europe; Inspiration or by-product?"
    Lieneke Freriechs
    • "Over Nescio; Beschouwingen en Interviews"
    Gary Fry
    •  "The shared Landscape; What does Aesthetics have to do with Ecology?" in Landscape Ecology 2007
    • "Multi-functional landscapes- towards transdisciplinary approach"
    • "Capturing landscape visual character; Touching base with landscape aesthetic theory"
    J.J. Gibson
    • The Perception of the Visual World
    • The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception
    J. Le Goff
    • Medieval Civilization 400-1500
      Marjorie Grene
      • The Understanding of Nature
      • Approaches to a Philosophical Biology
      • The Plant Vol 1 & 2
       J. H. F. Grönloh (Nescio)
      • Verzameld proza en nagelaten werk
      • Natuurdagboek 
      • Brieven uit Veere
      Stephen W Gross
      • "The neglected program of Aesthetics" in British journal of Aesthetics Vol 42 no 4 okt 2002
      A.J. Gurevich
      • Categories of the Medieval Culture (Das Weltbild der Mittelalter)
      Karina Hendriks
      •  Leesbaar Landschap (Handleiding)  Henk Kloen m.m.v. Johan Eppink en Taco Jansonius
      •  Landbouw in een Leesbaar Landschap (Dissertation with Derk Jan Stobbelaar)
      M. Heidegger
      • Building, Dwelling, Thinking
      Jane Howart
      • Nature's Moods  British Journal of Aesthetics Vol 35 no 2 april 1995
      Tim Ingold
      • The Perception of the Environment; Essays on Livelyhood, Dwelling and Skill 
      • Culture on the Ground
      • Ways of Mind-Walking; Reading, Writing, Painting
      • Lines
      • Ways of Walking, Ethnography and Practice on Foot (editors T. Ingold and Jo LeeVergunst)
      Maarten Jacobs
      • The production of mindscapes
      • Kwaliteit leefomgeving (Alterra report 122)
      • Metropolitian matterscape, powerscpae and mindscape
      • Psychology of the visual landscape
      F. H Julius
      • Metamorphoses (Dutch)
      • Beeldentaal der Dierenriem
      • Twaalf Driften
      • Dier tussen Mens en Kosmos
      • Bomen en Planeten
       Karl Konig
      • The Human Soul
      • A Living Physiology 
      • Animals and their destiny
      Georg Kuhlewind
      • From Normal to Healthy;Path to the liberation of Consciousness
      • The Logos-Structure of the World
      • Stages of Consciousness
      • The Life of the Soul
       Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
      • Montaillou. Cathars and Catholics in a French Village (by a historian, fascinating but can become boring) Ook in Nederlandse  vertaling verkrijgbaar
      Ton Lemaire
      • Filosofie van het Landschap
      • Wandelenderwijs
      • Met open zinnen
      Georg Maier
      • Marriage of Sense & Thought
      • Being on Earth, Practise in Tending the Appearances. Available on the net
      • "Optik der Bilder"
      • "Forschung als hinwendung zur gegenwartigen existenz"
      Jan Diek van Mansvelt
      • "Interdisciplinary approach to integrate a range of agro-landscape  values as proposed by representatives of various disciplines" in Agriculture,Ecosystems & Environment no 63 (1997)
      • 'Awareness-raising, training and educations' with Bas Pedroli;  in Proceedings of the 2nd Conference of the Contracting and Signatory States to the European Landscape Convention 
      •  Checklist for sustainable agriculture
      • De Aangeklede Engel
      • Dieren zijn wat mensen hebben
      D. W. Meinig
      •  The beholding eye; ten versions of the same scene

      M. Merleau-Ponty
      • Phenomenology of Perception
      • The Visible and the Invisible
      • Cezanne's Doubt
      • Eye and the Mind
      • Essential Writings (ed Alden.L. Fisher)
       Kate Mosse
      • Labyrinth (very enjoyable summer reading!!) in Nederlands;  Het verloren Labyrint
      • The shared Landscape; What does Aesthetics have to do with Ecology? Landscap Ecology 2007
      Alva Noe

      • Action in Perception
      • Out of our heads

      Christian Norberg-Schulz
      • Genius Loci, Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture
        Kenneth Olwig
        • Norden and the "substantive landscape"; a personal account
        • The cause celebre and scholarly discourse

        Bas Pedroli
        •  ed. Landscape-Our Home, Lebensraum Landschaft  A beautiful book and very enjoyable!
        • Man and Animal
        • A New Zoology
        Adolf Portmann
        • New Paths in Biology
        • Animals as Social Beings
        • Animals Forms and Patterns
        E Relph
        • Place and Placelessness
          Gottfried Richter
          • Art and Human Consciousness
          Hans Jurgen Scheurle
          • Die Gesamtsinnesorganisation: Uberwindung der Subject-Object-Spaltung in der Sinneslehre         
          David Seamon
          • A Geography of the Lifeworld
          • Dwelling, Seeing, and Designing: Towards a Phenomenological Ecology
          • Dwelling, Place and Environment: Towards a Phenomenology of Person and World. ed D.Seamon & R Mugerauer
          • Goethean Science
          Albert Soesman
          • The Twelve Senses In Nederlands  'De Twaalf Zintuigen'
          Rachel Solnit
          •  Wanderlust, A History of Walking
          Anne Whiston Spirr
          • The Language of Landscape
          Rudolf Steiner
          • Goethean Science
          • Goethe's World View
          • Truth and Knowledge
          • Philosophy of Freedom
          • Riddles of Philosophy 
          • Goethe as the Founder of a New Science of Aesthetics
          • Anthroposophy, a Fragment
          Chris Tilley
          • A Phenomenology of Landscape: Places, Paths and Monuments
          • The Materiality of Stone: Explorations in Landscape Phenomenology
          Barbel & Gunther Tress
          • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary Landscape studies: Potential and Limitations
          • From Tacit  to Explicit knowledge in integrative and participatory research
          Yi-Fu Tuan
          • Thought and landscape;The eye and the mind's eye
          David Uzzel
          •  Environmental psychological perspectives on landscape
          Rene Weis
          • The Yellow Cross (very enjoyable summer reading!!) In Nederlands; De Laatste Katharen
          Wolfgang Welsch
          • Aesthetisches Denken
          • Aestheticization Processes; Phenomena, Distinctions and Prospects. in Theory, Culture & Society
          John Wylie
          • Landscape  
          Arthur Zajonc
          • 'Goethe's way of Science' co edited with David Seamon
          • Catching the Light
          • Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry