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1) to gather material which helps us to view 'Landscape' from many different perspectives (Science, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Ethics etc)
2) and secondly to record 'Landscape experiences' from our workshops (Reports) and my own experiences (Diary).
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Moon halo... and my mind's illusion.

A couple of weeks ago on a very clear night (or that is what I thought) there was a wonderful and very large moon halo. One could, but very vague, see that the ring had the colours of the rainbow, inside redish and orange, the outside colours were more faint.

When I looked to the east (left from where the moon was) I saw the following and I thought they were patterns caused by the light of the moon or something like that.

You see bands of dark and light as if there is a light source present at the right.
By the way the orange light at the top right is a reflection (in my camera probably)
So I emailed somebody who is very interested in atmospheric phenomena and he made me attend to make sure if it was not clouds.
So I looked again and again and also several evenings afterward I looked again and again and noticed that when there the clouds, even when they are very thin, have often this pattern!
So here again we can see that often you see what you want to see and one doesn't always look properly.